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Dedicated Hardcore Raider LF Guild

I have joined Retro-WoW about 3 weeks ago. I did my best getting my pre-naxx BiS ever since. Started as a protection warrior and tanked my way from Onyxia all the way to AQ40 "forming my own groups with no boosts". Now I'm at the point where I have a full T2 or rather I should say BWL/AQ40 BiS Protection Warrior, Holy Priest and a Warlock. Since it doesn't take time to level up characters here, I didn't hesitate to create a character for each of all classes. Most of them are nearly full T2 now but not as ready as my Prot Warrior or my Holy Priest for AQ40/Naxx.

I cannot seem to find good groups to progress any further, it is almost impossible, as full BiS geared players do not want to waste 1 minute playing with less than BiS player regardless of their knowledge about that player. The other option is lower geared / unskilled newbie players who will eventually get you to disband your AQ40 group mid run.

I am currently seeking a friendly hardcore raiding guild to begin my Naxx journey. I can play any class and any role to successfully fill in the gap, I have been playing wow for 15 years and I have had the chance to experience every single raid in all expansions, even lead most of them and been a guild officer at some point. Therefore, experience, competency and ability to learn are out of the question if I'm put in the right place with the right people.

Thank you for your time reading this thread. Please reply back to me here or whisper Gashu/Draculita/Charzard ingame.

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