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Report player Ibizza
1. Character name: Ibizza or Lbizza

2. Reason:

[b]Rule 9) Insulting or harassing another player this includes all kind of insults. (Religion, Racism insults)[/b]

For the story : When i arrived on the AV i said : "lets turtle" cause i love turtle. The guy named Ibizza or Lbizza just said that this is funny. I asked him what ? He just said "My mom". I think this is really offensive and we can as player not agreed but not insult people or worse "family".  So i ignored him but he had already insulted me. I say on chat something about "banning" so i asked another Guy what is it about. He told me im gonna be bann for no reason ... Unfortunately i havent that on screen.

After few minutes i unmute Ibizza and talk to him, and told him that i'm gonna report him and he can simply apologies. And i forget it. He just laugh on me.

Im 31 Years old, i think i and other player needs to play in a good behavior server. And personnaly think that this guy deserve punishment, put i let u judge the screens i gave u.
I think even he insulted me not that hard, a man should recognize his mistakes, and give him the right to apologies and just laugh at me. And it is even more disrespectful.
Thanks for listening

3. Proof(Screenshot, video) :
Unfortunately i dont have the screen, when i tell this guy that im gonna report him in whisper and that i hope that he will be punoshed. Of course i did this politely.

Screens on attachment

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Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
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