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Hello Guy's its Flaming
Hello guy's i just made my first wow pvp video, nothing special just some duels with people from server if you have some free time take a look. Thanks.
If you enjoy it like & follow for more Smile.

Btw im new at editing so im taking any advices and criticism.
This is 54 mins, too long for wow pvp video. But I gotta say that I really enjoyed watching the whole video.

Especially, the mirror matches against Kqlqsh were the best mage duel scenes I have seen in WOW Vanilla Movies.

It shows incredible decision makings from both of you in specific moments, and really amazed me.

If someone is new at playing a mage and wants to be good at 1v1, I'd suggest them to watch this video repeatedly. This video will show something new every time they watch.

- Strikeout
Thanks bro. Yes the video is a bit long i thought it will be around 30 minutes but I already recorded the duels and didn't want to delete them or to put only 2-3 duels with some person to reduce it to 30mins. Next one will be a bit smaller. Thanks for your words. Cya in game.
I'll watch it all during an entire week but so far so good :fire :fire:
hahaha Big Grin ty
Nice!  Big Grin
Vuq Undead Rogue
Vautrin Undead Priest
video quality is so bad i stopped after few mins. downrate. greetings Smile
Well i just noticed who is writing this so it explains me your hate Big Grin Big Grin Midori your just bad player with bad attitude who can't play any class and wanted to teach me how to play mage Big Grin. I would like to see you in such duels with mage teaching me how to play the class. Btw Quality is ok as i wrote is my first video so your opinion is useless ty.
Nice! Big Grin

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