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Protection Paladin
Hello fellow Paladins!

I have the desire to become one of the few (or perhaps only) Tankadins on the server. 
Vanilla is extremly unoptimized for paladin tanks when it comes to gearing, but i belive i have come up with a set that could questionably be considered BiS for prot. The aim for this is not endgame (obviously) since lack of gear and boss mechanics prevents us from tanking alot of bosses, but everything bellow Naxx might be viable.

Gear Link

Talent Link

TF would be an ideal MH granted, but i dont have the desire to farm that long for it so ive picked the next best option. The idea is to invest heavily into block since holy shield is our main TPS generator combined with some SP items/Enchants. With this gear i wont reach 440 defence (but not by much) and i dont think that will be an issue at all.

When it comes to  enchants i would argue like following

Head-  Syncretist's Sigil
Shoulders-  Spellpower
Back-  Dodge
Chest-  +4 stats
Wrist-  Stamina or mp5
Gloves-  15 agility or 2% threat
Legs-  Syncretist's Sigil
Feet-  Run speed
Shield-  Thorium shield spike or Lesser block
Main hand-  Probably 30 spellpower. But i remember in classic Icy chill could proc even on bosses and would slow attackspeed by 25%. Some testing would be needed first

Flasks would be harder to decide. Flask of the Titans gives much need HP since that is lower than both warrior and druid. Flask of supreme power will give a much needed TPS boost. Flask of distilled wisdom will almost double the mana pool since intellect is lacking on the gear. Flask of supreme power is probably most desirable for the increased TPS if the healthpool will suffice. Mana can always be restored with pots. 

Now i would love some feedback from other paladins who have knowledge or experience in the area and have a discussion about pros/cons or changes that could be better. Maybe some of you have already tried it? Are there any bosses bellow naxx i wouldnt be able to tank? The only ones i think could be problematic would be chromaggus and the twin emperor. 

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts.
I don't know much about tanking paladins, but good luck ! I've seen a couple tankadins in game , but haven't pve'd with them.

My main concern with playing with a tanking paladin is .. can they hold threat from my BIS mage ? Big Grin
I have bis gear on every spec on my paladin because is my main, i only use Prot gear in AV when we don't have warrior tank in the raid team so i have to tank, raids? i only tanked AQ20 and ZG as paladin

for me this is bis gear:

and best talents:
Grab your sword and fight the Horde!.
Uncle Lothar wants YOU!.
Oh cool! I had no idea about this, thanks so much for the info! This is going to be a game-changer for me for sure!

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