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Retro-WoW Addons
(03-03-2020, 02:51 AM)Subseven Wrote: Added them. Does the auto roll only need if it's something that you can use and is an upgrade or no?
The auto roll functions we wrote are only  for scraps / tokens, like Wartorn Plate Scrap from Naxxramas or RFC Token from Ragefire Chasm.

(03-27-2020, 01:26 PM)adroit Wrote: If you manage to make Recount or Details addons to work in 1.12.1 it will be great. They ware introduced in TBC. The addons are working on current official WoW Classic servers, but I was unable to run them here. Both addons are identical and works as a better version of Damage Meter.
At the moment I don't have the capacity to take on another addon project and I think the same is true for Durzi, but I looked at details and recount briefly, from what I can tell it seems like DPSMate (for 1.12) has most of the same functions, so my advice would be that you look into that.
Any news on enemy frames mate? (talking about showing 15/20 enemies only)
(03-30-2020, 04:59 PM)johnles Wrote: Any news on enemy frames mate? (talking about showing 15/20 enemies only)

Yes, Durzi will upload new versions of both LazyPig and enemyFrames soon with fixes and improvements. Among other things: 20 enemies in AV for enemyFrames and fixed auto-release in BG to not trigger when in AV or when you have Soulstone / reincarnation for LazyPig. Thanks for your feedback.
I have updated some addons. See my first post for the changes.
tyvm mate

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