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Rude and Toxic language (Rules 9)
Hi Retro WoW Team,

I was victim of rude and toxic language by this player in Battleground on 2th December 2019.

1. Character name: Trtle
2. Reason: insult / abusive / toxic language
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

Best regards,
Ex hardcore gamer playing Retro WoW as a casual for the nostalgia of Vanilla Wink
Quote:please start enforcing rule 29.

Rule 29) Fake reports (Reporting a player with a fake screenshot, offending or reporting player for no reason, abusing ticket system)

 24, 48 hours or permanent.

nothing in this screenshot breaks rule 9. Saying to somebody they made a bad play and should afk out isn't offensive. If they are offended they can put me on their ignore list.

As for the swedish boi comments thats to my friend onezero.

Im being threatened with fake reports everyday by players who dont like that I always win in alterac valley.

People are very aware that you can report people for anything lately and GM's are issuing bans without actually checking.

Can GM's start monitoring AV bg chat, people are colluding telling others to file multiple fake reports about me every day. Infact just ctrl + f "trtle" in your chat.txt logs.

Thank you. @Kelzo
Hi Trtle,

I already added you to my ignore list. As many players, I play WoW to have a good time, not to be insulted by people that take PvP too much serious.

Retro WoW is a great server that allow people to enjoy Vanilla for free. Unfortunatly I'm so dissapointed that the attitude of some player like you just detroy the entertainment that WoW can provide too many of us.

If you don't have a minimal education to interact friendly with others people, it's better for you to play a solo game I think. Players in the game do not have to suffer from your blatant lack of education and the frustration you may feel for life.

I think you're smart enough to understand that your attitude is just not good ...

Thanks again to the Retro Team to take time to insure that Retro Wow still a pleasant server where to play.

Best regards,
Ex hardcore gamer playing Retro WoW as a casual for the nostalgia of Vanilla Wink
If you find somebody calling you 'bad' insulting then you could literally report anybody for anything.

Absolutely ridiculous and a waste of gms time.

You've said you've put me on your ignore list. Close the thread and move on with your life.

Turn off the ability to read /say and /world if youre so easily offended.

This server will turn into censorship central if you can't even call somebody bad.
You insulted me with these terms :

"You idiot", "You suck", 2 spits emotes and a swedish racist term. It's a lot just for a misplaced nova ...

But as I can see on the forum with your main account, I'm not the only player with who you have troubles :

Link to his main profile reputation :

Link to his profile :

I suggest to Retro Team to take this in account too, it's not normal than someone with -21 reputation still be on the server and continue to harass others players with impunity.

Thank you very much in advance for your time.

Best regards,
Ex hardcore gamer playing Retro WoW as a casual for the nostalgia of Vanilla Wink
as much as i hate this subject, trtle didn't do anything wrong.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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