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Ban Appeal - Spamming
Before i move forward with this Ban Appeal, i would firstly like to apologise to the community and the staff for troubling them. I am in much regret and i have learnt from my mistake. I take full responsibilities for my actions.

One of your characters from the banned account: Cyonnee (Been playing actively on Retro-WoW for 5-6 years now as my Account can also suggest this)
Ban Reason: The reason i was banned was because i was spamming world chat absolute nonsense about classic (no swear words used). I am in deep regrets for my actions. I don't intend to ever do such a thing again and would like to apologise for this sincerely to the staff and the community.
Information about your ban: I was banned on the 25/08/2019 just a few days ago
Additional Information: I still have donation points on my other accounts i have yet to use and i am deeply sorry again for spamming in world chat about nonsense..

I truely love the concept of the server, i respect the staff and the community - it's been so many years that i have been loyal to this server for. I don't wish to be banned as i have so many friends and guildies who i absolutely dedicate myself to and i hope i can re-join them and play again. I have been on this server for more than 5 years, i know the rules - i won't break them again! I just want to re-unite with my friends and guildies and appreciate the content you guys have provided us. 

Once again i am sorry - very sincerely.

Kind regards,

dewennn (Jason)

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
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