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Ebestletter/Tombone pm me saying he a donator so hes immune to ban!!
Ok so Ebestletter/Tombone is still not ban even after gm check our report on forum and says close tread. That dude one day ago was abusing ready-check inside bg like hell and was doing raid warning every 2seconds and whispering all kind of insults saying he dont care getting ban cuz wow classic release in 2 weeks! After numerous report of these incidents ( cuz ya he did this one full day) me and some others reported this by tickets and on this forum. A gm read our reports and closed the tread. Now the same guy (Tombone) wich is alt of Ebesletter pm me saying that he is immune to ban because he is a donator! I am really disapointed by this situation and honestly if this is true this dosent make sense at all and made me think that this server is really not professionnal regarding abuse done by players!! Now he is in my bg and kept whispering me u get tomboned and he just farm me at respawn point cuz he have lot better gears then i do. If nothing done after this report i will leave server cuz he totally ruined my gameplay experience now he follow me everywhere i go!
kek /5char
see? even on forum he follow me lol
You did not manage to link any screenshots.
We do not ban on request. We need clear evidence.

Please utilize the ingame ignore functionality.

Kindest Regards,
you're a pussy

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