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Flightmaster Hyjal
I know this wasn't a feature of Classic WoW, but considering this is a fun server I'm sure it's something the players would love to see implemented.

Can you implement a flightmaster in Hyjal and give us chill flights to the cities around and areas like stonetalon, ashenvale, azshara and more : O
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
Would be nice.



Nothing wrong with this, nice quality of life improvement for players who need to get to those zones (assuming there wasn't an easier way before) or, perhaps players want the old school scenic trip through the clouds.

This is assuming that placing a flight master is really simple. A teleporter is a simple concept since you just change the current location of a player. But I'm not sure if the flight-paths were programmed specifically or if an algorithm takes care of the flying animation. Regardless, if the overhead is small then this change would be fine.
still dreamin about this
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]

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