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dumb reasons to get banned
I'm not a suspect of any of this, and i generally keep my mouth shut unless it's necessary to talk, but is it really against the rules to trashtalk? That seems a bit ridiculous.
It's not against the rules to trash talk, but you are not allowed to disrespect the project, the staff, or insult people that are part of our community. We tend to keep RetroWoW as friendly as it can be.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]
Some bans do seem harsh though if what I'm reading is true in the ban appeals. Maybe give people a warning or a temporary ban instead of a permanent one if the things they said were open to interpretation as a genuine, well intended question / statement.
Personally I like the zero tolerance regarding being toxic and bashing the project, this community for some reason got a lot of people with a very childish mentality and vile hostile attitude.

You would believe the vanilla wow community consist of grown up men/women by now after 14+ years.

Players trying to be slick trying to meme it but it is quite tiresome to read the same crying in the /world and donĀ“t get me started on the doom sayers.
Break Rules > Get Banned. Seems fair to me.
Obey Rules > No Ban. Seems fair to me.
It's pretty easy to follow all of the rules RetroWoW is based on. There are players that are playing RetroWoW every day for 2 years +, and they never got banned, or muted. It's all a choice one person can make.

[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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