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World Buffs
A lot of the bosses in vanilla revolve around getting different world buffs to make a really hard encounter easier or to make a long raid smoother. Unfortunately only ony and dmf work here (dmf only up one week a month). DM tribute run is broken, when you get the kings buff the ogres are still hostile so you can't get the buffs. Nefarian's head (same buff as ony), heart of hakkar (15% stats increased) and head of ossirian the unscarred (15% stats increased) does not give the buff that it should.
I'd suggest that you can buy a buff item (one charge) of some sort to buff the group for gold. If you somehow could fix the tribute run in Dire maul it's fine just like that. But with raid groups being so small here it's not a lot to have 5 onyxia heads compared to being able to give it to 40 if you pop one per raid.
I don't think that is really needed. I regularly down all bosses except Gluth in Naxx (healing as a sham, which everyone says doesn't work mind you) and we don't need world buffs for any of it. This would just be abused in pvp and it would make the raids even easier than they are now. Plus, going and doing a quick Ony to get head on an alt is a WoW tradition. On retail we ALWAYS did Ony before raid then popped head before progression bosses.
You heal Loatheb on a shaman? It's not WoW tradition to get it on an alt, it's wow tradition to give it to some1 new in the guild, with a constant group of 5 it's quite different. Being able to get world buffs would open up a lot more raid comps since a lot of people have been complaining about stuff being very limited for dps classes.
And with standard game mechanics being fixed you could definately make a lot of the balancing in naxx more accurate than it is now. Back when we started here in february things were buggy beyond belief, but atleast naxx was hard back then. I remember Instructor razuvious dealing 8k unbalancing strikes (non crits) so you actually had to farm consumables. Naxx as it is now does not feel like endgame raiding when I can sit at 90%+ mana on half the bosses in there.
Lol, we don't have enough new people in our guild to give it to. And I didn't start here until June, but I agree half the bosses are far too easy. And yes, I do heal Loatheb on a shaman.

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