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Abyssal Leather Items
Abyssal Leather items are currently unobtainable in-game the Windstones and everything do not work as intended. They are very good items and some like Abyssal Leather Bracers are best-in-slot for Balance Druids.
less crack more water
best in slot? I'd have to disagree with that, but okay.
It is the best in slot Balance Druid bracers (unless you go with Cloth).
And there's no reason not to go with cloth. The abyssal bracers aren't that great and using leather over cloth only has the benefit of a small sum of bonus armor, which barely has any effect unless you're using Moonkin form in pvp, but Moonkin form is pretty terrible for pvp. If you're gonna put together a full leather moonkin set you're gonna pull 200 dps and oom in 30 seconds.
Nobody asked for anyone's option on Leather vs. Cloth or whether or not ya'll are homosexual or heterosexual. I simply stated that Abyssal Leggings are available and Abyssal Bracers are not. Thanks for all of the help though. Just kidding.
You claimed the bracers to be bis. I simply said that there are way better alternatives that you can use, no need to be rude Smile
I made a report on this too, back then it was fixed afaik?
Bump! Still every single Abyssal item is available except the Leather Bracers (and I am sure the other Bracers as well).

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