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Memorial to Daedratic
Hi, everyone

For the friends and family of a long time and dedicated player of Retro Wow. We will be holding a memorial for Daedratic / Slendictus.
A huge fan of PVE who loved raiding with his friends even since the early release of Retro. He has been a player on Retro for over 5 years and started playing World of Warcraft at just 13 and it was his favorite game. Known as J.C. Johnson in real life he was a Big Sandy, Texas student who liked to play basketball and was an aspiring entrepreneur who's favorite speaker was Gary Vee. He followed his instructions very closely and was even able to afford himself a nice used Cadillac as his first car. Always a hard worker, he excelled in taking on challenges whether in the real world with helping raise his little brother (14yo) and guiding him into life or in game where he'd love the challenge of Naxxramas and would raid it often. He was taken from the world too soon at only 18 years old. J.C. Johnson was reportedly walking to his home in Big Sandy, Texas accompanied with his 14 year old brother coming back from playing basketball with him, J.C. loved his family, when an unknown vehicle approached them and an assailant fired at J.C. striking him 5 times. J.C. was taken to a nearby hospital where he died 3 hours later. The story was covered locally here.
As a last message to a longtime friend (Waer) on the Retrowow server J.C. facetimed him to show him his new car with pride and discuss the entrepreneurial challenges he was overcoming and the actions he was taking to catapult himself into the life he was starting so he can help take care of his family and to be an example for his little brother. J.C. will forever be missed by his friends, family and online gaming community. He will always be remembered as a reliable person who would always be there to help. With his big heart and friendly nature. We hold this memorial to put his soul to rest and show respect to one of Retro-WoW's greatest players.

On Sunday, the 22nd of March, 1PM EST (7PM ST) we will be holding a service and memorial to our friend at the shores of Desolace, Shadowprey Village. A monument has already been added to mark the location and event.

We do hope to see you there.

A link to Daedratic's mother's gofundme is  here. Any support provided would be immensely appreciated.  

[Image: 1IgvEhc.png]
Will not be able to attend but RIP daedratic.. prayers ?
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We live in a bad world, where more and more evil acts are said, we must unite as good men, men of honor, those who die carrying a path of righteousness and good faith and good deeds, will always live in our hearts.

Everything he taught us will forever remain in my heart. Now that he is in closer to our god. I know that he will take care of us from there and that he will always live in our most beautiful memories.

Of course Waer will have all our support and we will be there, for my part I have already been warned by the Guild Chat that we will make an appearance. Right now it doesn't matter the differences, the color, the race, or the beliefs, now it's good versus bad, I wish you all a happy day.
Even though tomorrow the world will be over today, I'd still plant a tree. Never stop fighting.
RIP to Dae.  Undecided  He made this pic of me as my warr not too long ago

[Image: 0f7872c3433da063d5be141a02431b41.png]
RIP, no one deserves what happened to Dae may his soul rest
Rest In Peace. I had many fun times with you Dae, we will all miss you.
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[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
RiP. I Hope his family can get though this :/
That's really bad.

[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]
What a cruel world Sad

I'll be there! I remember the games we had together, so sad to hear about this.

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