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stranglethorn vale
remove pvp tag as you guys did in hyjal, so no pvp will happen anywhere in stranglethorn. thus, the only way pvp will happen is in your custom arena you guys made, with walls, and barriers around the entrances and outside. my ideas are;

1. remove dueling, so people can not reset cds in arena 24/7
2. remove pvp tag in the entire area of stranglethorn, so the only way pvp can happen is inside the arena, not outside
3. remove paladin stacks every time they teleport away from the certain zone, therefore people can not stack from mobs outside the arena, and one shot someone inside the arena.
4. add a npc that gives the command to suicide, in this case if people are combat locked while inside the arena, the only way for them to exit out is to alt f4/relog

this way, players who abuse arena from unreachable spots does not gain any benefits because they only use it to kill other players for pvp tokens

conclusion; remove pvp tag all over stranglethorn vale, so people can only jump in arena to get pvp tagged to fight
[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
veri g00d i voted for this and i agree

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