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Make WPvP Great Again!
Forums Gnawbone and in game Gnawbone are very different personalities Wink
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
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(03-17-2017, 06:10 PM)Gnawbone Wrote: So first off you posted your reply in the wrong thread
Wrong. I was responding to hellpatrol, in this thread.

Secondly, I wasn't responding to you so I'm honestly not sure as to why you're reacting to what I've said as if it was somehow aimed at you.

Thirdly, Yes, I did ask you to report ministre's posts if he breaks the rules of the forums, because there's been multiple occasions where he has done so, and you're perfectly aware of this.

Fourthly, I don't know where in the hell you find the reasoning behind suddenly attacking me out of the blue and acting as though I attempted to stab you or something. I have never been hostile towards you so I don't really get what your issue with me is out of nowhere. Maybe because I have the mentality of wanting my ideas to be at the very least credited to me, instead of having a cuck like ministre take them as his own, and if you have issue with that so be it, but I'm pretty sure if you put literally hours into a thread in terms of formatting, ideas, and attention to detail (The pruned one that I wish wasn't RIP) you'd feel the same way.

@Sunqt: Btw, just because part of the idea was inspired by another server/servers doesn't mean it isn't my idea, and I also credited the servers for creating the ideas in the first place, the simple fact that you're referencing this just backs up my ideal that I believe credit should be supplied where credit is due at the very least.

Fifthly, He reported me for saying "Cuck" amongst other non-vulgar things, and for some reason it was legitimately marked by the staff as offensive language. I don't care at this point because I'm two seconds from seeing myself out of this cesspool of a forums, I'll stick to the bug reports to actually help improve the server because that's where things get done, and I don't get attacked for daring to speak out of turn or so it seems.
It just seems you can't stop being a prick.
(03-17-2017, 06:10 PM)Gnawbone Wrote:
(03-17-2017, 06:02 PM)modnar Wrote: madscientist aka bandicamgodx

omg i like ministre he cute gnum and ipoly cute 2

Literally no1cares about you or your stupid personal drama don't pull me into it cause I won't help you

omg he said it

not the drama

he sed no1 caresĀ 

(ps gnawbone a savage, he did a ministre) but i like modnar in bgs, hes pretty decent. love u all, ps madscientist sister sounds hot, and sunqt french accent sounds way hotter too
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+1 ipoly very good fornum signature tbh
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
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