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Change server status from PvE to PvP (And some other ideas to go with it)
Pinky suggested this in the General Discussions Board and it only seems appropriate to bring it to suggestions.

The current state of the server allows players to run in the open world unflagged for PvP, this includes every zone. Even STV Arena, if you are PvP flagged simply relog and you will be unflagged instantly.

This in and of itself is good and bad, the bad part is, it restricts any form of "World PvP" to the Guru Arena and poorly, more to the point it kind of takes away from the idea of this truly being a PvP server.

You aren't meant to be able to run around unmolested free-farming professions, or traveling from point a to point b with zero risk. It's meant to be an open PvP environment under which you agree to the risks that come with it.

(I'm sure if this idea is actually put into action, it will be done via Poll which I'm completely on board with)

Furthermore, if this change is implemented, I feel more should be done on the back of it to fully take advantage, and give the server more of a Blizzlike Vanilla feel to NON-FORCED World PvP

Flight paths should be forced to be reinstated, it'll create PvP around Blackrock, Silithis, and the plaguelands etc. naturally, instead of artificially such as with Gurubashi Arena

I understand that a lot of people think "Oh then people would just camp it", but to be frank it wouldn't be a wise decision so long as groups traveled together IN GROUPS such as they had to back in the day.

Plus, you're going to be going to Blackrock with a group of 5, similar to how players would go to ubrs/lbrs with a group of 5 on retail, 1-2 players might attempt to intercept/gank the group at most unless two "raid" groups intervene at the same time, it was just a known risk when you entered BRM.

Being made to teleport to the closest flight path to the instance/raid you wish to attend is not a huge deal, if you look at any vanilla PvP , especially in vurtnes case, a lot of PvP happens around these travel/instance hubs naturally. It's not a forced issue at all, and it's avoidable if you're a good player.

You could also add a secondary option to teleport to the 2nd closest FP 

(In the case of blackrock mountain specifically comes to mind with Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes) Maybe post some retro guards around the FP's directly, so players cannot be ganked within their radius, but once you leave the "Safe zone" of the FP area, you're free game.
It'd also be Faction vs Faction, so it might even incite faction wars which I think would be extremely fun.

Trust me , I understand a lot of people dislike this idea on paper, but if it was put into action for even 1 month, people wouldn't miss the old style of "Teleport straight to the raid".

Maybe you could even re-impliment raid attunements to really get people scurrying around the open world.

It's a change that if it was the default, people wouldn't have complaints about it, and I think that's something everyone can accept as truth.

One more quick thing, I believe in world PvP, crossfaction groups should not be able to help eachother. Same goes for the Gurubashi arena especially, as people tend to group up in it and snipe everyone, it would restrict them somewhat and make it more difficult.

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