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Rethink Premades and make changes - silentscream - 03-01-2020

Dear Wow Retro Admins and Developers,

Please rethink allowing full 10-15 player premades in battlegrounds. Warsong gulch is barely played because of premades, and now, when premades happen in Arathi Basin, players stop queueing and AB dies for a couple of hours as well. New players have no chance and give up playing and probably will quit the game before they can gear up.

Instead, I suggest allowing only small group queues of 2 players in wsg only and 3 players in Arathi basin. This allows for more diversity in the match ups. You can also allow up to 3 players queueing together in AV as well.

When I heard arathi basin was allowing premades, it was said that the game master specified that it would only be small group queues (2-3 players) . It is not, and I think it is making the battlegrounds less popular in the current state.

I also suggest raising the gold amounts from WSG and AB just a tad. $2500 gold seems reasonable for weekend bonuses. To make it more competitive with AV.

Thank you for reading and creating a great server. Even with it's small quirks it is very enjoyable.


RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - Khalesia - 03-01-2020

lets make it happen

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - MadCowSeason - 03-01-2020

I agree please do this gms. it'll bring wsg back to life.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - rindin - 03-02-2020

I totally agree.

Having been on this server for quite a few, actually many years, I have to say that group queing anything over 5 players is utterly killing server population and enjoyment. I stopped playing due to the WSG premades that ran 10 players every time I logged on. I randomly joined back to find AB had began queing. Now several months later I find that the GM's have decided to group que AB. Now people are not queing AB and everyone is doing AV.

I also previously spoke with Bam before I quit years back about this situation. I have mentioned so many times about how terrible it is with large group queing. This is a 5 MAN server.

If need be I will start recording all the new players that complain every time for example the d1 hunter 5 minutes ago complaining. And then they poof! Gone for good. Time to advertise and try and bring more new players in right?

I know Bam is against this and it should be a separate thread but I would recommend more of incentive for the 2v2's/3v3's arena. It is an AMAZING feature and some of classic wow players dreams. But everyone is so gold focused that they are farming AV and BG weekends that only select elite players que a few 2's games a day if that.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - silentscream - 03-02-2020

Thanks guys, and Rindin for your input ! Let's hope the game masters can make this happen :]

Also I agree, 2s and 3s rarely exists. I do not know what could change that besides adding gold rewards. Even then .... New players aren't going to stand a chance there unless they are very skilled with another geared player helping them so they will probably not queue.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - Sheindrir - 03-02-2020

I totally agree with you. Premade should be 2 players in wsg and 3 in ab. Premade with 10 players just destroy the game.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - CtrlAltDel - 03-02-2020


RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - Vollhorst12345 - 03-02-2020

+ 1 many + needs a Thread to be accepted and inplemented as change

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - mrdot - 03-02-2020

How about disabling premades all together? If you are a bis druid fc with engineering and pots spam and your friend is a bis rogue / warrior /pom mage focused on return, its unbalanced as fuck on retro-wow. This server shouldnt allow any type of premading given its extremely low population. It kills it even more.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - silentscream - 03-02-2020

Hi mrdot,

Disabling premades altogether wont allow any social aspect to bgs at all. At least then we could queue up with just 1 friend. With WSG, any group going against a skilled druid is going to have to use some burst tactics. Sure we can't group with all of our friends at once, but at least we could take turns grouping with different friends at different times. However, I would be more then happy if the game admins disabled premades for wsg altogether, and allow small group queues for ab and av.