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RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - stronkserbia - 03-03-2020

There are actually almost no premades on this server, the last time I saw actual groups was some time in late autumn, when those pve warriors were randomly ranking on the server. Those groups were perfectly possible to beat or at least caps on by soloqueuing, and they seemed to quit playing instantly once the people in question hit r14. Every game you lose isn't a premade. Every game you lose mid in and can't midfarm isn't a premade. Every game with 4 bis shamans and warriors isn't a premade, this server just has a lot of bis people.

When I started gearing my mage a year ago, the server had way more groups and activity in wsg going on, sometimes with worldbuffs or disproportionate amounts of gear. It was often unwinnable, but I had a lot of fun kiting these people either solo or with one or two friends, and winning such a pug feels good when you've tried hard for it. You should try approaching the game with this set of mind as well, especially considering most of you are bis. Perhaps you would enjoy it.

Complaining about fc druids is pretty stupid as well, since most of the time you have bis warlocks or rogues in the team against them, and just shows that you don't really know how to play warsong. Just have someone wait on their kite (across the fence or below the roof) with a rockethelm and snare/cc any support instead of wasting time killing every target in front of you in the case they aren't threatening. And don't open with coil if you're a 700sp wl, fake a fear, tidal or nade the reflector, fear and disengage and chase them mounted if they use the blacksmithing trinket. Congrats you can now kill druids.

All in all, I'm not opposed to limiting the amount of players you can queue with, I've only been in a group above 5 once during my time spent on the server. But I do think it won't change much, and people just need to get rid of their defeatist midfarm attitudes.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - silentscream - 03-03-2020

" Every game you lose isn't a premade."

I am not talking about the games I lose.

I've seen guilds run premades (mine included) that completely demolishes the other teams. To the point of camping the gy's and they quit the bg for hours. Have you not played since you could premade for AB ? I've only been back to the server for a week and I see premades happening. I just feel bad for the new players. I want the server to grow and not die. I want to be able to find people to pve with in my time zone when most of the europeans are sleeping.

"You should try approaching the game with this set of mind as well, especially considering most of you are bis. "

You should try looking at the premades from the point of view from a new player that joins a game and cannot leave the graveyard. You think just because I am BIS I am complaining every game I lose is from a premade? Honestly I rarely even play my priest anymore in bgs. It's mostly my paladin now, who is not yet BIS. You are assuming a lot about the people who posted here.

"Complaining about fc druids is pretty stupid as well."
Well you got me there. I dont play a rogue or lock, I just know they are hard to catch ;D I also hate wsg and only play it on wsg weekends anyways.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - mrdot - 03-03-2020

Stronkserbia is one of those people who hates solo queue and always prefers to go with his buddies either pigi or toluca or any of their guildies from "big work for chimpanzees" . I know them from peenix. They are very good wsg players, all they ever did was wsg spam and they are win orientated.
They are people who are playing years together, know eachother very well and are try hard wsg addicts. Thats why he cries here, cuz people stopped queueing wsg BUT is because of them. If this server had a huge population number, yeah go ahead and premade. I love to premade but NOT when theres no people.

Why are you mentioning gear over and over, when you speak about wsg? You act stupid ? Wsg has nothing to do with gear, I did GREEN premades on peenix with dush and kawa (still have the ss somewhere) vs bis alliance players (hello Strenght123 hello Chixpix). You don`t need gear to win but IF you are bis and wsg addict, is extremely groundbreaking even if you queue with druid/returner. And he and his friends know that, they take pride saying that they carry games and omg 2 vs 10 and we won, and shit like that.
Not gonna explain the obvious, everyone knows why people stopped wsg. When theres 30 people queueing bgs and you , gaylord, HAVE and MUST queue with a friend cuz omg is a social game, you get AV. Enjoy.

P.S. is more fun queueing against friends, try it


RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - Truenick - 03-03-2020

<3 premade AB

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - stronkserbia - 03-03-2020

Why the personal attack on me, I just came in to give my thoughts on the topic.

Just to clarify, I don't hate soloqueue, I actually do it a plenty and you'd probably know if you played warsong more often. I hate boring games, where my team is overpowered and there isn't much for me to do, in which cases we usually do soloqueue and try to end up in separate teams. You can probably ask anyone in the guild to confirm this.

I mentioned gear because it makes a huge difference when you're killing a druid or trying to tank dots while running in pugs where you might have to do it solo, obviously a properly set up team of good players can play with a disadvantage of gear against less weathered players. That wasn't the point at all. Also, the reason I seek the underdog team and try to carry it isn't pride, it's because I happen to enjoy tryharding in an uphill wsg.

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - VasoSanguíneo - 03-03-2020

Premades in AB?
I had not heard about the premades in arathi...
that sounds like trash

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - CtrlAltDel - 03-07-2020

LOL... no premades?... almost all the matches I've played have had a full premade team... it needs to stop, tbh >.<

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - morde - 03-13-2020

I have said this for months in game and in discord.

2-3 max WSG

3 max AB

No group que AV

This is best for growing the population

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - reddwarf - 03-22-2020

Totally agree with making 2-3 grouping, I play with family and friends
would be nice to group and have fun together full premade do suck
unless your in one that is.
And getting splatted 24/7 is no fun even when you have good gear.
If people want 10 man premade then pair them off, casual players
will just leave game which in turn lowers game player base.

 Just my thought

RE: Rethink Premades and make changes - Absolut - 03-28-2020

The premade 10 man needs to stop. And i say this as a person that farmed a lot in the past as 10 man premade. There is no fun at all and no challenge both in getting stomped and stomp like that in bg, it just becomes a gold farm, and thet's why I was doing it. While I agree that having the chance of being able to join as 2 or 3 in premade would be very fun allowing some cool coordinated plays.

I think its more important to allow 2 or 3 friends to play together also something different from wsg while not bringing unbalance in the battleground, than allowing 10 players with 10k hp each to just stomp the whole battleground vs starters.