Would players prefer a different queue system?
I like premades and want things to stay the same.
Lorayne, Truenick
2 5.26%
I want there to be only small group queues of 2-3 players so new players stand a chance.
Absolut, Alttrive, CtrlAltDel, Dontdiebaby, Flupp, Highvoltage, keough, Khalesia, Khaozx, MadCowSeason, mentos987, morde, Ninjaekorn, Qinkyy, reddwarf, rindin, Sheindrir, silentscream, simox46, Sopze, vieros, Vision, walenkryx
23 60.53%
I don't know.
0 0%
I don't want any form of premade at all.
Aserith, Bumralap, eldandy, johnles, jonijones, mrdot, natedog, notudrogue, Ossirian, ParaWM2, tommyb23, VasoSanguíneo, Vollhorst12345
13 34.21%
Total: 38 vote(s) 100%