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Change your passwords
Dear members,

As you may know we regularly monitor our systems for irregular and suspicious activity.
Today we became aware of an incident involving a single entity gaining control of several accounts. 

This has nothing to do with the authentication exploits that have been leaked, these where fixed already.

Our thorough investigation leads us to suspect that another private server has had it’s unencrypted account database either leaked or sold. 

Please be aware passwords stored in our database follow strict encryption so cannot have the same fate.
Unfortunately that does not protect users who use identical or similar credentials across the web.

If you fit the above profile, or are security conscious we strongly suggest you change your passwords immediately. 

Changing your password is a simple process and we have two methods for you to decide from.

UCP:  (login required)


Use in-game command: .account password OLDPW NEWPW NEWPW 

If using the in-game command please ENSURE you are not typing this in a public channel or whisper.

Please use an unique password and not the same password as you do use on other private servers!

If you have any questions regarding this announcement please contact one of our team who will be happy to assist you.

RetroWoW Staff

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