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It has been so nice to see retro wow grow over the course of time it's been around. It has a nice player base and a lot of dedicated players at that. One chief complaint I noticed however, (and I don't say this to be critical or unnecessarily negative) is in regards to certain spells either being bugged or not working correctly. I also understand that these are not things that can be fixed overnight, nor is it a 1 step process.

Consequently, my suggestion is this: Open up a private test realm, similar to the AV realm, in which players who are interested in seriously testing spells/abilities/talents can apply to in order to assist in writing accurate bug reports.

No, I'm not asking for a ptr with free naxx gear, the focus is ideally on player abilities testing which wouldn't really require anything other than the current vendor gear. It occurs to me that having a competent volunteer base that can accurately submit bug reports in a more constructive manner than a forum post would benefit the staff as well as the player base, since they can then see what is being worked on.

I understand that's a big ask. "Hey please create a new server ty bye"- But it's a bit more than that: Retro-Wow is starting to see players that A) Understand how abilities are broken and are B) More willing to make reports about it than in prior months (or even last year). Simply establishing a way for players to submit and track bugs such as github would be a step in the right direction in terms of opening up a line of communication with the devs and players that want to help them and the server.
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Hello, Gnawbone!

    I would like to extend a thank you not only to you, but to all players who make an effort to help our staff identify bugs and issues with the server. While our team is proficient at gathering sources and fixing errors, there are times when we are overloaded with things to test and sources to find.
I would also like to remind players that we do have a bug reporting section, along with a format, on our forums located here --     --- Format ---
   Here is what I will do; instead of opening another server for testing purposes, the AV PTR will suffice for any amount of testing that we need done. I have created a Skype conference that players may join under the requirement that they have at least 2 days played on a character on the live server. I will personally validate each player that joins; if you are under the minimum days played limit of 2 days, you will be removed from the conference.

Skype conference link ---

    If you would like to be a part of the newly founded RW Test Team, please create a character on the AV PTR that you are most experienced with. I will help to somewhat recreate your live character on the PTR after you have joined the Skype conference.
Retail vanilla experience is also a bonus, but if you are going to submit an issue with a particular spell/mechanic, be sure to have a source (a video proof of how that spell/mechanic works during retail vanilla.) We do not accept things like, "I remember this spell working this way because I was there," as this is not proof alone.

Please understand that we will not be giving special rewards or bonuses to players who wish to participate, and if you are found to be abusing what little time we have devoted to testing for selfish purposes, you will be removed from the PTR and the RW Test Team.

I look forward to meeting all who wish to join and help us squash bugs and, possibly, create new content for our server!

    GM BAM

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