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No premades only on ab test.
I dont know if is possible to remove group queue just for ab, but would be a great way to let players decide what they want. 

Ab right now is a dead bg noone play on it, how about u keep warsong open for group and pugs and make ab solo queue exclusive.

Im sure most players would just queue ab and show u guys that most players dont like the cancer that is premades vs pugs, unbalanced, one side games...

Anyway we have enough players for 2 bgs, and with a chance of join a bg without premades im sure many more player would join bgs and not leave the server because of 24/7 premades vs pugs unfun games.

Edit: why u guys not doing this, long time u say yes still no change???
Should be in Server Suggestion section, and yeah I kinda agree. Would be fun for everyone to solo que AB. Had fun yesterday playing it ;p
[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
Will be applied tonight/tomorrow.

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