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Retro needs a world pvp area
A big area

3 men groups limitation in the area

Attract pvp players :
10 gold and 1 special token after a kill

Attract pve players : A bit more gold for doing the quests in that area compared to ch or rfc etc..
Regarding those quests, try to make them so that the players moves as much as possible to make encouters more likely to happen in the area.
So maybe make some quest where we need to kill some adds that are moving all the time . T
The idea once again is to create movement in the area
The other think to have in mind with those quest is that they will require you to kill X mobs, and we need as little mobs as possible in the area, and they also need to be as far away from each other as possible, to also make people move.

Create a new token only available in that area, obtainable trhough kills for pvp players, or through quests.
Those tokens will give even more attractivness to that area, since it will give things we cannot have anywhere else (and cannot be use anywhere else if possible) :

Living action potions
(must required approximatly 45 minutes of pvp'ing  (around 200kill) to get five of them with kills, and 30 minutes trhough quests)

Free action potions
(1 hour and 45 minutes for 5 by only pvp'ing so 500 tokens, 1hour 15 with quests)

Limited invulnerability
(1 hour and 45 minutes for 5 by only pvp'ing, 1hour 15 with quests)

Major health potions : 10 after 20min of pvp and 15min of pve quest

As you can see, this will be very painfull to get those consummables, but they are pretty op. It makes imo sense to work hard to get them.

Just use your imagination and see how awesome this area would be guys

Thanks for reading,

+1 Support
+111 i support!
full suppoooort !
/sign support
(07-08-2016, 11:33 AM)Bcc Wrote: /sign support


- Cryo
Hello,my name in game is Epyc. I got all gears for warrior and I'm really tired of doing 100 times WSG. Today WSG tomorrow WSG,some time AB then WSG. This idea of a World PvP would be really nice,all end geared players that like PvP are bored like me I suppose. There is no fun at all when you get all your gears and do same things every days. Would be nice have Alterac Valley too. +1 rep on this post
+ 1
I would really love to see world pvp besides guru, I have alot of people who would love to come over if we had world pvp location. It was a big what made vanilla fun.
+10 (All my pocket healers)

I would prefer a chat spam, messages like saying when the event will start from Gm's. It will bring a lot of hype, just like Kel'Thuzad.
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