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Regarding ban policies
Hello retro-wow, I`m making this topic in the idea that maybe the player base can share its opinion on the ban policies of the server.
Long story short, if you browse through the ban section appeal, you will notice a lot (roughly all?) of the ban appeals being denied, unless its been some autoban for login etc.
The idea is, this is a video game played mostly by young people and young people do mistakes more often. They rage in battlegrounds and say or do things that they regret later on.
I think , unless a person has used hacks , no ban should be permanent. In my case I have bough some gold from third websites not knowing its illegal and when I found out, it was too late. Its been 2 years+ since and my acc is still perma banned. Which is fine, however, in my shoes are a lot of players who put a lot of time into their characters ...and for one mistake or another, received a perma ban and even when they appeal after years, they are still being denied access to their characters.

The server lacks people, I logged in and there were around 100 to 150 people in the evening. Just one battleground happening and zero pve. Wouldnt it be more beneficial to the server to offer those asking for forgiveness, to get a second chance?

I don't agree, I think the GMs are handling it well as is.
why don't you just make a new account?

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