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Make presents under the trees in Orgrimmar and Ironforge lootable (blizzlike)

There should be lootable presents under the holiday trees in Orgrimmar and Ironforge from December 25th till January 2nd. It is blizzlike mechanizm.

I've checked it today, and, sadly, those presents are not clickable. 

It would be nice if you turn this feature on, if possible. Especially this one ( since it contains some pets.

If it's a bug, I'll post it on the github.

Thank you.

After some investigation into the issue I noticed that the corresponding events and objects were all active, however like you have mentioned the presents remain unclickable.

As a fix, I will spawn presents underneath the tree in Hyjal and they will be available for the remainder of today.

GM BAM & the RW Staff
BAM, I'm saying "Thank you!" for this from all the players that are getting presents right now!

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