Poll: Would players prefer a different queue system?
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I like premades and want things to stay the same.
2 5.26%
I want there to be only small group queues of 2-3 players so new players stand a chance.
23 60.53%
I don't know.
0 0%
I don't want any form of premade at all.
13 34.21%
Total 38 vote(s) 100%
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Rethink Premades and make changes
I agree with 3 max...

It gets ridiculous! >.<
There's also the possibility to make WSG a premade only bg. Just remove the solo que and it will result in some interesting games.
There has been a month now between last post
is there any movement on this topic?
Not being able to queue with a friend/friends in AB is frustrating. Definitely agree max should be 2-3.

Can't even queue Warsong with a friend at the moment because it non existent.

Any updates on this?
I agree with a limited change.
WSG - I don't care (I don't like that bg)
AB -max 2 players in a group Why ? Imagine 2 holy paladins in a game. crazy.
AV -max 2 players in a group A tank and a healer. This way you can be sure there is little chance for "turtle"
Everyoen has a best friend or brother who he/she can play with.
We can test this suggestion on every BG on it's weekend. We get some feedback then we can make a final decision. What do you say GM ?

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