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Note: If I didn't gear my guildies, do you think they'd waste time posting on this forum explaining their experience nore being in my guild? Let that sink in for a second. @Flagconsume / @Chuck Norris Thanks for your opinion but as you can see your argument is invalid.
My apologies to any newcomers here for the first time some people just want free gear and wait for hopes and dreams while the rest of us work for our fun. As it says up top, it's very good here and I keep it real and fair for everyone. I get in-game msg's daily on these forum's from people who want to join our guild. Facts are facts at the end of the day so shoot a tell if u want to slay some dragons and/or dominate the battleground! Cheers everyone Smile
(08-01-2018, 02:22 PM)Flagconsume Wrote: pls let epicsauce run in with at least 5 alts during naxx run pls for promotion in guild pls ty

I dont know this guild and i fairly dont give a shit about it, but what i can say is that your videos in youtube are shit as fuck, short, boring and 0 skill is showed. I have played with you WSG and i have noticed how stupid your decisions are as a FC. You always go in the middle, never on the lookout for enemys ( playing PVP with minimum camera distance ROFL, what a shitter) always in a premade warsong group waiting to be carried and so on. Before you bash on niqqers think about how bad you are at WSG
Is this referred to @Flagconsume or me? sounds like Flagconsume
(08-10-2018, 06:07 AM)matm2 Wrote: Is this referred to @Flagconsume or me? sounds like Flagconsume

Yes this is referred to Twitchstream.
@BroFailure #greentextGMwannabe


And the final words are:

Let the players join your guild and they shall see!...but i am afraid will be to late for the newcomers then...AMEN!+

PS: End of my posts, you get to much advertising
"A Friend invites you to a huge party and you refuse because your guild is doing a Naxx raid"

 True story  *2018*

[Image: RQozjuC.jpg]
are you guys still playing/recruiting? BWL geared warrior looking for guild to gear my multi toons
Yeah shoot me a msg in game or /who WHATEVER WERE AWESOME and me or someone will get you linked up.
Quite literally brand new to this server even though I created an account a long time ago. I've done naxx up to KT but not finishing him on a paladin. Same paladin also off tanked a lot of adds and stuff, quite fun I assure you.

Are there any classes you guys more specifically need? I can learn anything fairly quickly

edit: my characters only have starting gear but I can work to gear them
No worries pal! Play anything you feel like, gearing is easy and fast so don't burn yourself out. /who WHATEVER WERE AWESOME and ask for someone to get you invited in case I am not online at the time. Cheers!

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