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Looking for raid enthusiasts
Hey Julz here,

I've been trying to find people in game to start raiding but I must say it's not an easy task.

I'm looking for people who are motivated, properly geared and speced to raid, have enough time to raid a few times a week. I'm not looking for hardcore raiders, just decent people.

Feel free to leave a message here with your class/availability or PM Julz/Julzy in game.
Hi mister,

you can count on me Smile I'm available on holidays and some mornings / evenings among the week.
PvE frost mage, as we do only Ony/MC right now.

Feel free to add Visc Smile

[Image: ad5df64e-a367-4d88-a510-03aa8b880bbc.gif]
Hay Smile I'm normally up for a raid, you just caught me at a bad time! I'm ret specc but always happy to respecc holy or even prot if needed. I'm online most mornings

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