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Suggestion to remove Premades from WSG
(02-15-2017, 11:57 PM)Gnawbone Wrote: ''<-- Carried by 5x healers. PREMADES BZT''

i remember a game on my rogue vs a strong team(must have be a premade) agatha+some strong gear players on the other team, im just sit on stealth  watching my team getting rape over and over again and the funny rage on chat ''leave the middle go for flag'' and all that crap, like that really matter on a game where +95% off the kills are from one team...

I remember seeing on chat ''ipolylol join the game'' few secs later ''ipolylol leaves the game''... got love the way bg works here... for 1 sec i though u would try, but ofc players only want premade if they are on the winning side, and they still say premade vs pugs is a good thing...
''You know you're a weight that needs carrying when that's how you see the game.

You're like a rock in my backback.. useless and heavy.''

That how premade players see the game, they defend premades but if i say make a bg for premades and one for pugs they get mad, what they want is fighting pugs and not another premades...

Till' this day i still do not know who that retarded rogue was xD

Btw I don't premade, i only premade when there is another premade up, and 5 healers is so easy to counter. Curse, silence, cc, simple as that. plus 5 players is not a premade, its a semi premade, get it right xD

There are games where its always fun to vs others, just like that one when I was on Moggis with Np and Prisom's druid, and gnaw's entire premade left the bg right before we went to go cap the last flag xD 

ps love u all, try not to start a flame battle, i wanted 2 defend my rape boi Touchqt cuz idiets bashing him for rocket boots fixed, even tho he trys everything to help the server. Credits gotta go to him.
[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
There is no real ranking part on this server, people go for pvp tokens. that happens a lot cuz people don't care for the gold or the fast wins... they are just going for the kills.

Anyways, I just join bgs for a few sec to grab zerk and shoot a pom pyro and die and leave the bg. All I really do, I am getting bored of pvping here, because well, pvp tags are not happening outside so world pvp is not really much of a thing. wsgs 4 ever amirite

May I ask who u are, because u seem like u want me to carry u in bg's?
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
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(02-15-2017, 06:21 PM)walenkryx Wrote: Hi,

I think everyone aggree that premade are an issue, for those that still doubt it read this it's simple :

1. Premade kill pugs way too easy
2. Pugs became salty and start playing less and less

This is what's happening, it's a fact nobody can argue with.

Now, i think some people don't realize that banning premade is also an issue, for those that still doubt it read this, it's simple :

1. A warsong or arathi require a team work, if few people dont do their job everyone suffer from that
2. Most retrowow players (or vanilla players imo) are bad
3. Without premade, you force good players to make useless effort in bg's for people that dont care, wich is unfair.
4. Premade are also a way to play with your friend, wheter you are bad or good, the point is too have fun. And forcing people not to play together is fucked up.

That being said, here is the perfect choice for everyone, in my opinion. It requires a little sacrifice from everyone, but overall it really improves everyone's experience :

Create a q for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 men premade
Create a different q with 1, 2, 3 men premade.

This way, people that want to play with friends can still do it and if you have too much friends and you are too popular well thats a shame, just pick your best friends idk.
3 men premade can still carry a warsong against pug but it makes it harder, but it's stilla real challenge FOR BOTH SIDE.

Because saying "I dont want to carry bad players so i group with 10 men" means that you dont carry anymore, but you are being carried with your 9 others guys, so it doesnt make sense.
  You dont want to carry so you get carried, no it shouldnt work like this.

It should go like this : You dont want to carry so you get an extra help of 2 more players that you know play the flag.

We can always say "if you dont want to lose against prem, do a prem yourself. The thing is people won't make a premade to fight back, thats what's happening.
We can't say something to prove your point if it's not happening. Of course it could happen, but it doesnt; therefor we need to consider my option that seems pretty reasonable. If we make that happen people when they ll see a 3 men group will group more easily 2 other guys that if they see a 10 men premade, because it's easier to find 2 other guys. Simple as that.
The other benefic effet is that everyone will have a more balance chance to win; when you face a 10 men premade people just give up and stop trying, if you make 3 men premade, you know it won't be easy, but it won't be impossible at all if you try hard too.

So yea basically, what's happening right now is :

No premade : Good players cant change the result 75% of the time
                   Games are sometimes boring for everyone because bad players will midfarm

Premade : Good players in pugs cant change the result of the game 99% of the time.
              Good players in premade are not even having that much fun, or not for a long time.

With my solution, all those issues disappear, the only inconvenient is that people won't be able to gold farming in bg's that easily; but then again, is it really an inconvenient overall.

creating 2 different q will also make premade vs premade happening more often, wich would be awesome.

so let me posit a serious question:

if you guys are so united and militantly against premades (as SunQT knows, at least 90% of the server is with him), why does AB still hardly pop?
Here is an issue, because group qing is disabled there, the continuous complaints point to two possible reasons:
1) you guys are just complaining because things arent the way you want. criii
2) you guys think that WSG (the ONLY thing you can premade) is literally the only thing to do on here

so look at your alternatives, Ive said it a billion times but I guess I have to again because of the generally willful ignorance coming from people: You have a sense of agency as all human beings do, put your enjoyment in your own hands, if you don't have fun the way something is, make a change within yourself, it's not up to other people to keep you entertained any rebuttal to that please see the previous paragraph.

you can gather en masse to complain about how you cant make premades but you cant organize one or organize consistent ABs???
Then when people disagree, it devolves into victimization, tears, and redundant bullshit opinions on how to make the server better based on completely fabricated statistics and numbers modified to for you agenda.
-and that's on both sides of the argument-
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
i personally couldnt give a damn about premade, whenever i see one i make one myself and usually win; the reason i'm doing this is for the server; not for my personal desire to enjoy the game the way i want. That's what you are doing by defending premade btw.

So no personal motivation for this for me, and not just me. I'm sure leministre also doesnt personally care about premade, same as many others.

Then saying ab is empty doesnt make sense since people prefer wsg for multiple reasons (more easy to farm people, and god knows retrowow players love their pvp token and mid farm).
Saying people prefer

and regarding the personal accusation you are making, if we talk about that behaviour hebaviour that you are having is not victimized ourselves; it's just to tell you that personal attacks are useless.

Make the other look bad at any cost to look better won't make anything better for a discussion.
quote one example of victimization in the entire post btw, because i dont see anything like it.

All i see is somebody being aggressive. Now of course it's all relative, when one is aggressive and the others don't play the same game as you, they may look like they are playing the victim, when they are just not dumb for acting like a mad man.
I was begining to have hope when you said you were sorry, and now you just charge again, it's stronger than you

Between the ones that have no personal interest and the ones that do premade and can lose something if that suggestion is accepted, i dont think the first category is the one that would be mad and "devolve into victimization, tears, and redundant bullshit opinions on how to make the server better"

if we look at who expressed the most feeling of .. let's not say rage to stay polite, but strong energy, i think it's you.

Then again, that suggestion won't change the way i play, the rare times i see a premade (since i play eu time) i just make one with my guild and rekt them. So i just wanted to talk betwen mature people, now i know that topic is sensitive, so be it.
(05-05-2016, 07:12 AM)Kelzo Wrote: This has been discussed for a while now but premades are simply a part of the game.

Our stance on this topic has not changed.

Thread closed.

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