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Recent server latency issues
Hi, 6 months ago I would play regularly with no server lag issues. 

Recently I started back up on the server, my game will routinely spike to ~1500ms for 10 seconds, then gameplay would go back to a normal 150ms for about 15 seconds, then repeat. Issues seem to be worse in areas with a lot of players.

I have deleted and reinstalled the game client.
Turned all graphics to low.
No addons loaded.
My display drivers are up to date.
Checked - with a steady 100mb/s down.
Have the same 1.12.1 game client open on another Private server - no latency issues there.
I live in California.

I'm all out of ideas and would like to get this issue resolved so I can play on a server that I've donated to in the past! Any ideas to try?
speedtest dont mean u have that mb/s every time it will go down for few seconds is ur net probably
So I don't think it's internet issues on my end. I have video streaming in the background without interruption and have another wow client (1.12) open to a different Pserver at the same time, with no latency spike issues.

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