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Toxic Behaviour
Name: Blackt

Reason: Toxic behaviour towards players 

Details: Asked him nicely if he can open scholomance door for me and his reply was that he wanted money for it, of course i said no and he started insulting me from nothing. Why he did it ? No ideea. Maybe cause im a donner ? lol
By the way, my char was a new one so i assume is a normal thing for him to be abusive towards new players ? cheers

Hello friends, let us keep our server friendly and be supportive. Insanebro is a very good friend and he helps out alot of people with many things gold quest and advice. I had a similar experience with Blackt where he was LFM Shaman and Paladin and I tried to join with a friend, and he didn't let us join.
Maybe approach him and talk it over, thanks!

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
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