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Capa's Compendium of Furyprot
Many people asked me to do this, so I Hope it will be useful for someone.
[Image: tf-crit2.jpg]
"Light Be With You"
Capa, you've done an amazing job <3
This is an awesome guide! Great to see another point of view on it while still referencing the others we have all been using.

I hope more people read it. Long live troll fury prot.
such a precious document with so much insight, infos and suggestions....
loved it, love it and will always do <3
First of all, thank you all for your attention and support. I made this post as little update for my spreadsheet because I got some questions about furyprot in game, discord and mail in game.
Most were similar and the answer sometimes was already in the guide. Here it is:

Can you add some info about which set to use for each boss fight, especially in naxx?
Mmm, I think it is not necessary. Try first to find right friends and setup the balance between incoming damage and healer possibilities. Especially in pug, you can make tricky life for healer if you push all fights without any def pieces. So friendly healer bis and fullbuffed is the best way to try some experiment.
For example, patchwerk fight can be tricky. If any dps push more than 2K+ (usually a mage) holding aggro can be a problem, so you must push a little more than usual. In this fight I use 6 pieces T3 and dual wield (enrage phase too). Mighty Rage+death wish and you'll go over 700 DPS, enough to hold aggro from anyone. If healer is not prepared you can start 6 pieces (or more) T3, dw and use greater stoneshield instead of mighty rage (cause shared cd) potion. Swap to shield when healer start to sweat.
Basically you can dual wield any boss in naxx (and in game) beside KT (cause of shield bash ability), four horseman and razuvious (or maybe not?).
From full fury set (and spec too!) to mitigate set, its your choice depending on the situation.

I can play furyprot with blue items/not bis?
Yes, check the Intro tab on spreadsheet and you'll find the same answer Wink

Can I use your addons/UI?
This is personal too. Skarm, for example use original wow UI with some addons. I like to tweak more and change often both UI and addons. Basically left hand on keyboards for movements/strafe and at least 6 buttons+modifier (on mouse) for abilities/macro. Right hand on mouse with at least 4 buttons with instant abilities and modifier. The goal is to have all your useful abilities ready to use with one touch under your fingers or mouse button without looking for them on screen.
In Addons & Macros tab check the screenshot. This was my UI some months ago (a little clearer now).
On left side there is raid/party window where I can check mana situation, who is targetting who, spell used, debuffs and so on. On center the main zone, my char and bottom side on left abilities (some are hiddens cause in macros sequences or bound to mouse buttons) and on right consumables. Right side of the screen is for my buffs durations and dps stats on bottom.
As a side note, this was a fight in a speed run so fullbuffed and big numbers on screen. Loatheb was last boss of our 3rd wing (Omen buff still up for 6min, so under 1hour so far) and is a random fight cause of spore buff (a little bugged on this server). If you don't get buff from spore, full fury set can be dangerous so I wear at least 4 pieces T3. Easy dps as tank over 1K (top was 1,2K) and mage over 2,7K on top (other mage is usually scorch slave). Overall dps was over 5,4K with healer full mana.
For those kind of runs ofc must be prepared and you'll see noth to die before teleport, anub down before locust, heigan down before to dance and so on.

How much dps you must push?
You must push enough dps to hold aggro, don't die and have fun Smile
[Image: tf-crit2.jpg]
"Light Be With You"

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