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Macros with Shit/Ctrl mods?
Hi, Been looking through a number of github files looking for how to use Modifier buttons like Shift and Ctrl.

EG. In Wow Classic, I use:

/cast Whirlwind
/cast [modConfusedhift] Cleave
/cast [modConfusedhift] Whirlwind

However, this isn't working. Is there another way to do this other than making a new Hotkey?

In case anyone else comes by looking, I will post some working versions. 2-options macro (nothing-shift):

/run if not IsShiftKeyDown() then CastSpellByName("Moonfire") else CastSpellByName("Moonfire(Rank 1)") end

For even more options you can use. 4-options macro (shift-control-alt-nothing):

/run local c=CastSpellByName if IsShiftKeyDown() then c("Moonfire(Rank 1)") elseif  IsControlKeyDown() then c("Moonfire(Rank 2)") elseif IsAltKeyDown() then c("Moonfire(Rank 3)")  else c("Moonfire") end

You can change "Moonfire" to whatever spell you want for any of the 4 options. Rank can be freely altered as well (no rank means max rank).

Warning!: if you already have a keybind for the combination you will have to change it first. For example; any spell on your first bar will not work with "shift" modifier by default, as it is already used by the game to switch bars.

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