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Classic? Retro?
RetroWoW > classic + retail.
(03-22-2021, 03:16 PM)kawaki Wrote: I play different online games too

how could you??? Big Grin

retro > all, agree Heart
I love wow classic. It is the template for a high-quality MMO experience.
I LOVE every aspect of the endgame experience that Retro Wow offers with a free access, especially those epic PVP showdowns (like the hour long/stalemate-like wsg's and the fiery brawls on the new custom arena maps) !
I can explore every aspect of this gigantic game whenever I feel like it and all I need to get a new character started is just a few days of warming up.

Yes, Classic was great in 2005, but paying on a monthly basis for a game where I can only get a glimpse of what is possible is not an option for me.

r e t r o f o r e v e r
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