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Target dummy outside Hyjal?
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Granny gozu comes with another complaint. 
This time it's about the totally random target dummy outside Hyjal.

C'mon guys, for real? The reason we go outside hyjal to duel is so we don't have to target hostile targets *Unlike duelzone where theres plenty of dummies just waiting to get accidently targeted*

[Image: 2115rvt.png]

Also I want to add that this is not urgent but it's pretty useless add imo. Shiet why don't you make a place where you can target practice alone? However it's your server and you do as you please. But this is my perspective of it.
That's a boss target dummy! That's a great addition! ... Maybe the placement could have been better for the duelers though!

Shall I remove the training dummys in the duel zone as well?

I will keep the remaining boss training dummy by the entrances to the mall. I hope that is far enough away from interfering. Smile
personally, i like the target dummys in the duel zone. gives me something to pew pew when i leave wsg with zerker still on

i've never had any issues with tab targetting them while dueling, either; but then again i'm not really spamming tab while dueling one person...????
theyre kinda nice in the duel zone. also nice practice for duels that you want to practice in: you encounter other players you canmistakenly target, or you could also use targetlasttarget.
+1 for your idea cause they mess me up too
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[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
I like the dummies in the duel zone, but maybe move them further away, the location that they're currently in is basically where everyone duels there :X

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