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Server offline? - retroacc - 08-10-2017

Definitely cant connect at all its not even trying to connect wtf?

can anyone confirm?

RE: Server hacked or down? - Ossirian - 08-10-2017

We are looking at the issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

RE: Server hacked or down? - Ossirian - 08-10-2017

Stop sharing false information, and spamming the thread.

RE: Server hacked or down? - retroacc - 08-10-2017

I am not trying to share anything all I say is that we all have received such a message via mailbox my guild members and others guilds as well which took place yesterday and today somehow server went randomly offline without chance to connect .. good luck

RE: Server offline? - Devilsphobia - 08-10-2017

Any update on server?

RE: Server offline? - beerpaladin - 08-10-2017

Yeah what can I do without retrowow?!?! I just pvp'd on Runescape, now im bored Sad(( crYYyYyy

RE: Server offline? - Kelzo - 08-10-2017

Server is up.