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Buy food quick ... - walenkryx - 03-02-2016

Hello, that suggestion might appear useless and like its a joke, but seriously i begin to have a little pain in my finger when im buying the fodd from the vendor.

I see we can buy Noggenfenger per stack of 5, maybe we could buy Graccus s Mince Meat Fruitcake per stack of 50 please, that would really be awesome.
Thats one one the little things that seems useless but that increase a little bit the pleasure in game imo.

Thanks for reading,



RE: Buy food quick ... - jaaroy - 03-02-2016

shift + right click, type in 20, enter, rinse and repeat, that's how i buy em, if your keyboard has a numpad it's really fast, takes me 10 seconds to get my fruitcake reserves for days Big Grin

RE: Buy food quick ... - Destrow - 03-02-2016

/run BuyMerchantItem(15,20)

RE: Buy food quick ... - walenkryx - 03-02-2016

Yea i know jaaroy Smile

Thanks for that maccro Destrow omg Heart

RE: Buy food quick ... - jaaroy - 03-02-2016

Well I took Destrow's macro, added some lua skillz and turned it into an addon:

Basically adds a button to buy 20 Fruitcakes in 1 click (Do not press it while shopping from any vendor that is not Bags & Misc)
See what it looks like:
[Image: JAOw0cM.jpg]