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MUSICA TO GAME TO - Lavz - 12-19-2015

Post your favorite tracks to smack dragons and nerds to.

Here's a couple of mine          - PANTyRAiD - Jail Bait        - Distance - Headstrung        - Sybreed - God is an Automaton (full album)        - Liquid Sound Company - Acid Music for Acid People

Would love to hear what everyone is into! I love all sorts of music and I DJ as a profession; so dig deep into your archives and show us all some juicy stuff!

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Deltoids - 12-19-2015 ◄ SpongeBOZZ - Planktonweed ► ◄BackWordz- Utopias Don't Exist► ◄Five Finger Death Punch - The Pride► ◄Joe Satriani - Made of Tears►

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Oprawinfury - 12-20-2015 - The Faceless- Autotheist Movement 3: Deconsecrate - Slayer- Dead Skin Mask Primus- My Name Is Mud Tool- The Pot Jedi Mind Tricks Ft. R.A. Rugged Man- Uncommon Valor Marilyn Manson- The Reflecting God

I like a lot more, but this is BiS dragon smacking music.
Why am I not surprised you like a terrible band like Five Finger Death Punch Deltoids? Perhaps some Creed and Nickelback for the trifecta of horribads playing PoM frost? Yes, perhaps indeed.

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Moder8er - 12-20-2015

Lol opera you are just a pure hater on anything/everything. it's funny to see you chime in on about every post acting like you are a god or a know it all. Must have not been loved as a child I'm sorry.

Ever heard the phrase different stokes for different blokes. Ggwp

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Oprawinfury - 12-20-2015

"like you are a god or a know it all. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THE WORD LIKE?!
Well, at any rate, welcome to my pooplist. I'll be under your bed when you get home tonight.

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Nirro - 12-20-2015

Moder8er we all know, but we just let him be. Smile

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - QuickFIX - 12-20-2015

ASM (A State of Mind) - Masking feat. MF DOOM as King Dumile:
CunninLynguists - Kings (feat. Sheisty Khrist):
Thomax - God of Thunder:
2pac - Lie To Kick It (OG):
Thomax - Heavy Metal Kings remix (jedi mind tricks, ill bill):

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Lavz - 12-20-2015

@quickfix   -- Yooooo /respect on the cunninlynguists!!

Ever heard of Psyche Origami? Given your list, I can't help but think you'd know/love them.

Here's some boom-bap for ya       - Dr. Octagon - Real Raw      - Joey Bada$$ Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA - Underground Airplay (Official Video)       - Psyche Origami - Dead Right - Aesop Rock - Daylight

Keep'em comin ya'll  

Try and stay less than 5-6 tracks per post; I'm not gonna sit and listen to your entire mixtape that you made in highschool for your girlfriend's boyfriend.

Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - Oprawinfury - 12-20-2015

Quickfix +1 million for MF Doom.

"your girlfriend's boyfriend" GGWP.

RE: MUSICA TO GAME TO - It! - 12-21-2015