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Show me the ropes - Shinigamii - 03-25-2021

I'm looking for a guild that's willing to show me the ropes on this private server so I can figure out how the 5 man raids work. I'll be a very active player, and was planning to roll a fury prot orc. Once I get geared I plan to swap back and forth between a arms spec for some PVP action. I'm from the US, and on CST so I'd prefer a guild that's NA, or at least one that raids/PVPs around a reasonable time for my timezone.

RE: Show me the ropes - Lannerback - 03-26-2021

Great! For furyprot I hope you'll find some helpful hints on this post (check the spreadsheet on first post):

You can create more than one warrior, so you don't need to change spec, macros, addons and user interface Wink
With PVE for sure you'll be geared faster than only PVP. But you need to be polite, patient, not pretentious, and most of all, not toxic. And, of course, find people with those attitudes (this is the hard part).
Have fun Smile