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What's up everyone - Grenth - 02-25-2021

Name's David. New to private servers but i play burning crusade - cataclysm religiously. Felt like i completely missed end game content on vanilla so i figured this server was perfect for me. Mostly did end game raiding but i also did 2v2,3v3 arenas and rated BG pvp a lot. Any guild recommendations?

Oh, and Horde all the way babyyyyyyyy

RE: What's up everyone - Dovlatov - 02-25-2021

Welcome to the RetroWow, David! Don’t forget to join world chat by typing /join world. In this channel you can find a party for raid. Just two more things for you to know : this server is crossfactional - alliance and horde play together, guilds are crossfactional too. More to it, we have custom arenas here Big Grin

As for the guild, I could recommend Buff Addicts.