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Full Version: Things You Can Do Here (''The Little Things Matter'')
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Dear Reader,

I'd like to welcome you to the nostalgic things you did and the 'retro' things you wanted to do back in Classic WoW,

Such a lucky guy ... To be able to do it all again or do it all *****&novel ! Here are very few of the things this server

offers you, it's not the things themelves that matter only ... rather the memories... rather the people doing them with !

Enjoy, and please provide feedback as to what you'd like to do together on Alliance <The Betrayer> Or Horde <No guild suckas Tongue Wink))>

Let us begin with the Battlegrounds, the extravagant and at times overwhelming battles of the revenant night elves and

greedy orcs of the wondrous resources of ashenvale, Warsong Gulch:

[Image: hlrXqcV.jpg]

[Image: LQuLalh.jpg]

[Image: nK85agz.jpg]

[Image: fk7TVSX.jpg]
Hello Unknown

Welcome to RetroWoW.

Grats with the first BG/Win. Smile
We smashed it mate haha. Nice to finally see a pre-bc fun server, it's been a while
The Adventures continue and the foes get stronger ! But none shall oppose ... the Ironfoe !

The grand Emperor Thaurissan, great were his deeds...but even greater his foes.

[Image: pAi9MmY.jpg]

And so the penchant of doubt has been settled, King Magni of Ironforge is no longer riddled with doubts concerning his youngest

daughter and his own heritage, the DarkIron dwarfs have lost their emperor... Or so they thought, the daughter herself,

Princess Moira Bronzebeard already had a DarkIron in her womb...ready to avenge his father.

(26th run drop, All elites have been nerfed as to be able to experience yourself, just how powerful TRUE HEROES are)
Hope surely glimmers... when you have knowledge on your side.

One's efforts may yet save others, a monument should be made of them ! Yet a shrine build ! Maybe their names should be praised until teir grandchildren have grandchildren ! Unless ...

[Image: h17SITm.jpg]

And for power we strive... now don't we ?

[Image: TlMK0Oe.jpg]

And when power we grasp ...

[Image: HhgbLIM.jpg]

Victory is ours ! But these days...

[Image: 4mGtZP7.jpg]

Victory seems to last, but a second.
Hi Unknown, Its a pleasure to Raid and PVP with you Smile
// WBR, Visc
(02-04-2015, 10:47 AM)Viscidus Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Unknown, Its a pleasure to Raid and PVP with you Smile
// WBR, Visc

Yeah Visc, always fun Smile ...

[Image: xGMJwbt.jpg]

Just like raping Anachronos ! Smile)

Well not really, when you think he's the child and heir of Nozdormu The Timeless One and such a promient member of the bronze flight, guess i'll get raped later ...

Anyway, let's head our thoughts to something happier !

Like this 3Plc L33R0y FeiL

[Image: D2sBrkN.jpg]

Tried my bezst Sad

And after countless naxx trash runs the ''overrated'' MsA did indeed drop

[Image: m14FgSz.jpg]

Even so, there's still a lively debate regarding its potential and Ironfoe+Felstriker's potential,

I'm going by the mentality that the more hits you have the better chance to win, if ironfoe offers you the

possiblity to have two more hits as weak as they are that might just trigger something else.

May luck be on your side, reader.
[Image: UWbmMi3.jpg]

Avast Lubber ! Challenge me in the Arena and ye' Shall be Grand Master of The Gurubashi Arena !

But no, really now let's try and organize some real WPvP Events, Guild wars, Bounty Hunting ! Smile

[Image: Zl9MMXW.jpg]

Always after a fun raid, you can just continue the quest for some extra gold Smile Raids were always useful ^^
How's your weekend been guys ? Mine's been decent , I guess, no felstriker drops, lol but decent.

Here's a little in on what I've been aiming for a while now on the server, the infamous Felstriker ; One day... One damn day.

I'd like to sincerely thank players who've aided me in my ... Some would say senseless endeavour, let us forget all that and

[Image: KDbmYCb.jpg]

remember their sacrifice towards a noble Cause !

[Image: rFVUj0d.jpg]

Yet even after many, many tries depression and fatigue kicks in, one must rest in valiant attempts.

[Image: k7VKzNj.jpg]

All fun tilll it hits the bottom, maybe not so high up in Hyjal, but still somewhere...Dark ... In a Pit... With Demons :S

[Image: kenmmva.jpg]

Eyes of a true predator, try putting them on and that's what you get, bad eyesight that is.
(To light up some people's confusion, that was an old Field of View Addon, was testing its capabilities, it more induces a
bad eyesight than help with anything =)) )
[Image: j1oVvXH.jpg]

The Infamous 'Castle of Blackhand' inhabited by the Dark Horde (Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and freaking az wiping bronze dregken spawns)... Fearful indeed ... But no place to trouble yourself with fufu !

[Image: vZbnJ2W.jpg]

What I've learned from approx. 50 UBRS runs so far guys is ...

Well first, of course you ought to bring friends Smile They're great fun Big Grin

But also ... That you sometimes have to learn to look on the negative side of things, stare into the darkness, the darkness

of ... rejection at most times but also great dismay and dissapointment.

Even so ...

[Image: yFeGMIN.jpg]

There still is hope , hope that the one item you wanted to drop will drop, all odds against you for you desire it's' drop yet all natural forces and phenomenas will now allow you to do so, you shall strive, you shall SURVIVE and you shall conquer.

One day y'all ... one day.