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Full Version: Hi.
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Hello, figured I'd make one of these ^^ 
Name: Rune
Age: 27
From: Vikingland of Norway  Big Grin
PLaytime: I started 2 weeks after beta back in 2004/5 or whatever it was.
In vanilla I mained druid, raided everything up to naxx, which for my guild was a wipefest. We did manage to kill a couple of bosses, but damn we got rekt in there.
TBC and up: Rogue

You'll probably see me running around with names like Rawy and Knoll, which is my 2 mains here atm. Rawy is a rogue, Knoll a warrior.
Cya ingame  Cool
Hey and welcome to retrowow have fun playing here if you need any help you can contact me in game mate Tongue