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Full Version: New dude.
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Hello, my name is Dan, pleased to meet you guys. I'm literally excited to join to join this exciting server, been playing Wow when I was like 14, soon stopped when I got to a high school due to studies and stuff, I'm now 19. I came here for some fun and to relieve nostalgia. There really not much about me. I'm just a 19 year old guy who loves video games and stuff. See you in server when I finish downloading and installing this server.
whisper Vizionisth or Sylvanaseu in-game if you need any assistance!
Hi guys I just downloaded this, I changed the realmlist and deleted cache but all realms seem to be offline? Or is this only for me? help please..
hm... im not sure what the issue is specifically, maybe try using a different client? Or maybe you just logged on conveniently when the server was down, it is up pretty much 99% of the time.