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Full Version: Hey guys!!
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Hello hey hi what's goodie.

Some of you might not know/remember me but I play here as an Undead Priest called Vizionisth and as an Undead Rogue called Fuglygnomeyo. For you who do not know/remember me, don't worry... I don't expect anyone to remember me, I get ignored so often that my nickname should be "Terms and Conditions".

I will try to explain more specifically who I am and what I do, besides WoW:

I was borned in Sweden and my current residence is Sweden, I am a decent ammount of age. If I'm sad, sometimes I'll sing to myself to try to cheer myself up, but my singing is so bad, usually I end up feeling worse. What I hate is when I put on 15kg for a role, and then realise I'm not even an actor. Then I continue singing and, yeah, you can figure the rest out... I am not the person you should put on speakerphone as I'm quite loud and annoying in the World chat channel. But please, do not take me serious as I love attention and do everything to stand in the "middle of it". If you DO, though, take me serious, you can start judging me, once you are perfect, that is. I have a job as a construction worker and every time my paycheck arrives, i will try to donate my weight in body fat for those of you in need. My daily routine through the day is Get up, be brilliant, go back to bed. repeat. I remember while playing here, and it restarted, I felt so lonely that I used to set my alarm to go off every few minutes so I can imagine what it would be like to have people texting me.


Now I have been playing here for quite some time and what has caught my attention was that WE NEED A NEW PVP ARENA. And as I am not such a big fan of raiding, I use my time mostly dueling or inside Battlegrounds.

I am also playing a Tauren Druid which I do not remember the name of. (Feel free to add me though)

fan skaffa ett liv gubben
Hey man, i got the same problems like u. Maybe we can chill together and get friends, my mum already thinks im gay cuz I've never had a gf in my life. are u gay?
aight cherryo

<3 You made my day !
I love sweden !
Have 14 Old volvos ! 240, 740 and 940 !

I'm sorry man, stay strong!