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Full Version: How Ya'll doin?
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Hey errybody- my name is The Byzantine Insurgent (or Tzaljin in-game), and I'm yet another former wow player seeking to return to vanilla. I played from late vanilla up until the very end of wotlk from mid to high school, but quit after cataclysm came out because back then I was really into the lore and I thought a lot of stuff in cataclysm just ruined the story (I'm one of those crazy people who actually reads the text of the quests).

Nowadays I don't have the IRL time to grind all the way to the top level and get epic gear (IRL I'm a full-time microbiology student/ part time asbestos installer for a construction company)- so I heard a lot of good things about this server and decided to join. So far, I love it in that the game is changed in such a way that it isn't a crazy grindfest like blizzlike servers but is still challenging in that you need skills to not be shrekt by 4 people at once in warsong.

I have one character, a troll hunter names Tzaljin you can easily identify by his pet crab I have deemed "Shringus" and the full PVP horde gear. I mostly do PVP in the arena or warsong but if I'm desperate for gold I'll do some of the world quests or farm thorium (because I'm a level 300 engineer and 300 miner). Speaking of which- PM me if you're a blacksmith because I will pay you to make Mithril Inlaid Cylinders for me (trying to make a gnomish death ray).

*Disclaimer: I haven't played the game in years so as of writing I probably suck a little bit so be patient with me lol

So basically yeah, just wanted to introduce myself, let ya'll know I'm here and wanted to say how much I love the server so far  Smile