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Full Version: Pvp guilds?
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Hows the pvp scene here? 

Just started browsing private wow servers and this one stuck out to fit my gaming schedule/life almost perfectly. I was looking forward to run quick pve 5mans raids for fun but pvp is my first love from vanilla wow. Haven't rolled a faction yet, most likely rolling rogue or lock for pvp. Have experience with proper zerglife and hillsbrad debauchery
Its cool. I'm not sure what Pvp guilds there are tbh. There is The Inquisition on the Horde side that, from what i'm seeing has active members pvping.

The accesibility of pve makes that most pvp guilds raid too, so I doubt there are any guilds that solely pvp.

As for ques, they are pretty much instant. Wsg atleast, AB is a sporadic thing, AV got introduced on the test server just yday so we will see how that goes.
For help of choosing your class to be best suited for PvP...battlegrounds are crossfaction as well as raids, meaning you can be in a group with anyone of any class for pvp / pve.
There are about 350-450 players online during peak hours which means there is always some form of pvp for you to do, as well there are many people doing a large variation of raids, ranging from ZG/AQ20 - Naxx.

- Cryo
<FILTH> welcomes you if you're still lf a PvP Guild!