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Full Version: Started WoW with My Dad. Now I'll play it when I'm a Dad
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Wow where do I start. First of all thank you for reading this. It's going to be long.
I'm Troy. I'm 16 years old, and started playing WoW in 2006 when I was about 7 or 8. Yup. My Dad didn't give a shit.
He got me in to it after he played Everquest. I barely remember that stuff. Just that he had a sort of 2 legged Lion character he always talked about. But in vanilla, My Dad had a level 60 troll hunter named Orrok on the US Realm Aggramar.
In BC he leveled that hunter to 70.
Made an undead priest called Curemaster who for awhile was his main.
He got Cure (Curemaster) to 70 and raided like hell.
In Wotlk he leveled Orrok to 80,
then Cure to 80,
and after raiding the new Naxx as one of his guilds primary healers,
got bored and made a blood elf warlock named Biggerballs.
He told me it was after that one ACDC song haha (I was never much of a fan).
Sadly he had a name change forces by Blizz.
Man I remember that day. We were DYING of laughter.
A long story short that warlock is now Biggiie the Blood Elf Warlock.
In Wotlk I also leveled a Death Knight to 80 myself.
I was actually raiding with him in 3.2
In 3.3 I did normals with my guild. I was 12! haha
Thank God so had an in cus it was my Dads guild.
He actually kinda quit in that patch.
But you know, in Cata he leveled his toons to 85. His 3
I leveled my DK (Troyb) to 85. Only getting Heroic gear in 4.3
In mop I leveled Troyb to 87 and quit. damn mop leveling sucked.
But I came back in 5.3 when they announced 5.4 and got to 90. Thank God 5.4 was a year so I got my
cloak and I'll up to about 565 at its high.
But sadly, at this time my dad passed away. I was almost 13 years old.
On April 6th, 2012. My world crashed before me. now your probably reading this posted on April 6th, but at this moment that's because it's the 5th at 11:22 and this will take me forever to right, because the story gets better.
Now back to our vanilla days, my dad and I actually made a warrior and shaman to level together.
He paid for a second account so he could play with me. An extra 15 a month just to make me happy lol.
Well, we did. He leveled his Orc Shaman Buffman to about 44 and I leveled my Troll Warrior Trroy to about 41.
I didn't like him
I deleted him
Don't ask I don't know why I did it. I had just got my mount and plate gear... I blame him for not slapping me silly.
Well I still have that 44 shaman on a locked account. haven't played it since 2006.

Well that funny incident aside, I had a 565 Frost DK in 5.4.8 with the cloak and great gear. I was 15.
Now that I'm 16 and WoD is out, I have a level 100 DK.
I don't like WoD
Garrisons are boring
wow is boring
I like vanilla
so now I'm here on retro
and I want to relive my vanilla fun that I barely remember lol

There's so much more to my story, given that tomorrow is my Dads anniversary of his passing, but I hate getting in to it. I just sometimes like thinking how he'd react if he were around to see how shitty the game is now. Mounts at level 1 and boosts to 90? lol Nah it's cool
So like the title said, I'll be playing when Im a Dad. I honestly don't care how shitty the xpac is, I'll always level my DK, and his toons to he cap level. Right now I just want to wait to the last patch of WoD like I ddi with MoP before I resub.
Thanks for reading my story that really had no point, I just felt like sharing.

Hey look! it's 11:33. So us I guess it still is April 5th lol
TroyB, glad you took the time to share that with us! Welcome to Retro! - Eyeless/Music
Hey Troy,

Thanks for sharing your story.
Im sorry to hear that about your father.
Welcome to RetroWoW!