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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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One of your characters from the banned account: Meap
Ban Reason: "Spam"
Information about your ban:
Another player brought up anotherĀ private server in world chat. I answered to the person's message by saying that I will play on it and explained a few things about the server. Now that I read through your rules to understand more about the reason I got bannedĀ I saw that advertising another server is a major offense and will result in a permanent ban. I did not know about this since I am new to this server, and private servers in general. I admit to being careless about the rules, since I did not read them before I started playing. Now that I know about the rules though, I have seen what I did wrong and I promise that I will not do it again. I sincerely apologise over my ignorance regarding the rules. I have been enjoying playing on your server the last two days and I will be happy if you accept my ban appeal so that i can continue gearing up my hunter!

Edit: And by new I meant that I dont have that much game time on this server, even though I created my account a few months ago and came back.

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.