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Full Version: Hello and Goodbye
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After 3.5 years on this server; 
many nights in naxx and many nights in bgs, many bind runs and lots of gold farmed, 
many sad people met, many toxic people met, many awesome people met 
its finally time to say goodbye.

Good Luck to all of you - in Life and in Game

Peace out from

Pelagial Dawnstrider Madmonkey Babidu Timetraveler kekqt Heide 

ps: also many thanks to Ossi and crew for caring and finally banning me Tongue

nice picture of all chars <3
[Image: QvcbmxW]
Hey!! My name is Millie and I am new in the forum.
Hello everyone here is a little life and game update

I could not resist the itch and played a little more with a new account.
Maybe someone met my little imposter gnome Pinkwizzard?
<screenshot link>
It was quite the fun experience to start from scratch and reach "bis" status in a 2 week period.
Maybe even some Newcomer Guide material on how to progress on retro wow?

After those 2 weeks of gearing I did in fact finally finish my Computer Science Bachelor Thesis about API Security. Starting next Month ill work with a Startup company as a software developer and program canteen cooking robots.
If any of you ever go hungry in Berlin I can work something out Big Grin

Best Wishes and lots of fun on Retro to everyone Smile
I'm a bit shocked right now Smile Pinkwizzard!

Now I understand how a newbie could gear so fast and knew what to do in Naxxrammas.

It was a pleasure to play and chat with you.

Come back when you have time and mood Big Grin Good luck with your new job!
haha, was asking myself the same question @dov, how can a newb do so fine in naxx, now we know
did troth know abour your real identity?
viel Erfolg in Berlin!
No one knew, I was doing imposter rp!
sad part is that in warsong no one questioned that I was a newb Big Grin
did u ask to get banned on purpose in order to finish your phd?