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Full Version: Mistaken discord ban
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Hi, I've been submitting tickets for over a week now and the issue still hasn't been fixed and the tickets were deleted without a response, so I thought I'd try the forums to make it easier to track/get responses.  

Apparently my discord handle (Mithros13) was randomly banned from the retrowow channel for zero reason.  At one point I got a response from Ossirian saying that it was apparently flagged by some GM as "spam" and banned, yet clearly any examination of the logs would have shown that to be completely false, as I'd posted maybe 4 or 5 things total over the course of that week, and the ban has not yet been corrected.  

A mistaken click/ban is one thing, but refusing to correct the issue for this long is very frustrating.  I don't spend much time on the discord channel, but I don't appreciate being unjustly banned from it.  Please fix this as soon as possible.  


Ban appeal accepted.

Good luck.